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Auto Alarm

FM Two Way Car Alarm System With Remote Engine Start WS-2011B
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1: Two Way Car Alarm System with Remote Engine Start 
2: FM Two Way Car Alarm with Engine Starter 
3: FM Two Way Auto Alarm 

FM Two Way Car Alarm System With Remote Engine Start
We have been producing the car alarm system including one way and two way since 1998 in Guangdong, China. Here below are the complete features for our two way car alarm system with remote engine start.
Technology parameter
A. Main Engine
Working voltage:12V+ 2V        Static current: 100uA   Working current: 100mA
Current of vibration sensor < 1mA
Working current of flash light output: 5A ×2
Working current of trump output: 10A
Working current of BIBI output: 10A
Working current of central door locking output: 10A
Frequency: 300MHz ~ 350MHz-433.92MHZ

1.FM-FM two way LCD transmitters with icons    
2.Vibrating and audible warning        
3.Responding distance up to 3000 meters range, transmitting distance up to 1000 meters range      
4.Car finding/help calling, Re-arm, LED indicator, Exact detector       
5.Engine cut off
6.Remote engine start    
7.Side door unclosed well reminding, Arm reminding  
8.Remote transmitter and receiver check code( learn code)     
9.Electrical/Pneumatic central locking optional          
10 Silent Arm
11.Remote trunk release     
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