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Remote Cotnrol Lamp Holder

Remote Control Lamp Holder RL028
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1. remote control lamp holder 
2. wireless control 
3. convenience 
4. easy install 
5. screw base 

Wireless remote control lamp holder


lamp base, lamp socket, light base , light socket


It's a convenient product for daily lift, turn ON/OFF the lamp and light by wireless remote control , no need to touch and save  the wall switch.  especially when you lie on bed in the cold weather, just stay on bed and you can turn the light on/off.


It's a safty product for children, bucause it control the light by remote control, only a 12V battery inside, prevent  the danger of electril shock away from the children .



socket voltage: 220V/110V

remote control voltage: 12V battery

frequency: 433/315Mhz

remote control and be added freely


Video is available , if you need , pls contact  us.

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