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Remote Adaptor for Electronic Lock

Remote Adaptor for Electronic Lock EL-018
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1. automatic door 
2. door lock openner 
3. convinence 
4. easy installation 
5. safty 

Electronic Remote Control

door lock contactor

automatic door accessory for electornic lock


1. specification:

Voltage: AC 220V--DC 12V or  AC 110V--- DC 12V

Remote control distance: 50 m

Frequency: 315 / 433.92MHz


Function description:

omni-directional remote control, remote automatically opened, electronically controlled locking automatically reset after each work, save electricity, electric control lock to protect life.

Operation method:

1. Open the door, press the remote control unlock button, doors open automatically.

2. Increase remote control: After receiver switch on in 10 seconds, press unlock button and hold on 3 seconds, receiver output unlock signal, learning successfully. You can add more remote control in 10 seconds. After then, receiver exit learning code model automatically, It improve door lock security.

3. Delete remote control: After receiver switch on in 10 seconds, press lock and unlock buttons until 5 seconds, deleting successfully, remote control can not cooperate the door.

Instruction method:

Door lock remote control external control output wire leads respectively, receiving antenna, wiring diagram is as follows:

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